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Zinc is a naturally occurring chemical element that is all too familiar for most – for  good reason. You may have heard of zinc in different kinds of supermarket goods, but there is one thing you must know: It has many unique health benefits and uses which include helping to maintain a strong immune system , facilitating wound healing, and supporting a young individual’s growth and development.

Zinc is a naturally occurring chemical element that is all too familiar for most—if not all—of us. It maintains the immune system and metabolic functions, facilitates wound healing, and supports an individual’s growth and development, to name a few.

What has zinc been used for?

According to WebMD, zinc has risen in popularity as a treatment for the common cold, particularly in helping reduce the incidence and duration of upper respiratory infections among children and adults. 

What is the role of zinc in boosting immunity?

When zinc encounters white blood cells, it supports the continuous production of white blood cells, which are crucial to the body’s fight against infection. White blood cells eliminate pathogens found within our bodies and aid in the immune system’s return to a normal state after an infection.

What if I am sick or have health problems? Can zinc help me?

Within our bodies, there are naturally-occurring molecules called free radicals—unstable atoms that can play a role in different kinds of illnesses and diseases. These free radicals may form when we lack a proper diet and when we are exposed to harmful environmental factors such as air pollution.  Having high levels of free radicals can overwhelm our immune system’s repair processes and accelerate the aging process and other health conditions. Antioxidants respond to these free radicals by destroying them. Zinc has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties—a “co-factor” in enzymes’ efforts to boost the body’s antioxidant mechanisms.

Listed below are the possible health benefits of taking zinc.

  1. Strong immune system - Zinc is a popular ingredient used in medications intended for the treatment of illnesses such as the common cold, ulcers, skin irritations and acne, and high cholesterol, to name a few.

  2. Wound repair and healing - Zinc is said to be a regulator that facilitates collagen production and cell multiplication to speed up the wound healing process.

  3. Anti-inflammation - Zinc minimizes inflammation that can induce numerous health complications such as diabetes, heart problems, and arthritis.

    In a study that observed fifty elderly individuals who took 45 milligrams of zinc gluconate for one year, researchers found that the group had decreased oxidative stress and inflammation biomarkers, and lowered incidence of infections compared to the individuals in the placebo group.

  4. Better blood sugar management - A study conducted last 2015 found that diabetic patients who took zinc supplements observed improvements in blood sugar control and better lipid markers in their bodies. Another found that zinc supplement intake showed potential in decreasing insulin resistance and ensuring that normal blood sugar levels in the body are maintained.

How much zinc supplement should I take daily?

The Philippines Food and Nutrition Research Institute recommends adults take between 4.6mg of Zinc for women and 6.5 mg for men. Generally, it is safe for adults to take up to 40 milligrams of supplemental zinc daily. Zinc will interfere with antibiotics and drugs for Rheumatoid arthritis, Blood pressure, and Cancer.

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