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At Vivaro Health Sciences, we are committed to providing you Energy for Life.

We provide accessible, affordable nutritional products that help elevate
Filipinos' health, and therefore, their quality of life.

About Us

Vivaro was formed by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, executives from pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare organizations, Research scientists, technical and marketing technology professionals who share a common vision: To provide accessible, affordable nutritional products that help elevate Filipinos’ health, and therefore, their quality of life.

We believe that health is a basic human need that must be supported if we want to see our nation succeed. Therefore, we have made it our goal to make world-class vitamins, minerals, and health supplements accessible to as many Filipinos as possible.

We are passionate about providing Filipinos with safe, effective, and quality products that will help them enjoy life knowing that they can get daily protection from diseases.

By doing our part, we believe we are contributing to the creation of a nation of able-bodied Filipinos in pursuit of a bright future for their families and communities. As we succeed with our goal, Filipino families become healthier and the Filipino nation flourishes.

Energy for Life

We believe in health for all. If an individual is healthy, he enjoys a good quality of life, not just for himself, but for his family. We know someone is healthy when he manifests overall wellness and the energy to undertake the activities that makes him happy and allows him to chase his dreams.

At Vivaro, our core products are health supplements. Combined with adequate sleep, regular exercise and a healthy diet, our products help individuals stay alert and active throughout the day. By helping provide the body with the optimum vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, we help our customers protect themselves from the daily stresses of the environment like pollution, viruses, bacteria, boosting their immunity at every life stage and helping them address the natural challenges encountered by the body as a result of ageing.

Taken regularly, Vivaro products help create a reservoir of strength, wellbeing, and energy in the body that individuals can tap into so that they lead fulfilling, joyful lives every day.


To provide accessible & affordable
nutritional products that help
elevate Filipinos’ health, and
therefore quality of life


A nation of able-bodied Filipinos
creating a bright future for their
families and communities.


Customer Centricity
Obsessed about providing a wide range of products to meet the evolving healthcare needs of our customers & their families throughout their life stages

All our efforts are geared towards ensuring that the quality of our products, services and consumer experience meet our customers’ expectations and delight them every time

Transparency & Truthfulness in everything we do. Particularly about providing consumers fact-based information about our products so they can make the right choices

The spirit of teamwork runs throughout our company, including our business partners and suppliers, with everyone committed to the common goal of providing quality, affordable, healthcare products for Filipino families

We seek to address what consumers look for and value, searching the world for novel ingredients & world-class technologies, putting state of the art products within reach of millions of Filipino families

Quality Healthcare for All Filipinos

Bringing leading edge healthcare innovations from all over the world within reach of every Filipino family.

By doing our part, we believe we are contributing to the creation of a nation of able-bodied Filipinos in pursuit of a bright future for their families and communities.

As we succeed with our goal, Filipino families become healthier and the Filipino nation flourishes.

The Value of Science and Innovation

Vivaro partners with some of the biggest R&D-based healthcare organizations locally and abroad to come up with cutting-edge new product ideas.

Our R&D efforts include understanding what motivates our consumers to proactively address their healthcare concerns until how they go about making their choices. Our team of R&D , medical, technical and healthcare experts then scour the world for the latest science based solutions and we endeavor to bring them to the Philippines.

We also conduct our own Research & Development efforts to discover novel ingredients that can solve some of the most pressing problems affecting Filipino families. Each new product is subjected to stringent clinical studies to ensure that we have safe, effective, quality products that meet global standards.

Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

All our products are registered and approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. Vivaro products are made in world-class manufacturing facilities and stored and transported by one of the biggest healthcare distributors in the country.

Our manufacturers and distributor have been certified to comply with strict world-class manufacturing and supply chain standards.

Vivaro product handling processes have been designed to ensure the quality, safety and freshness of our products from the time they leave our factories to the time they end up with our Filipino consumers.

Our Partners


Northfield Laboratories, Inc. is a contract manufacturer with over twenty years of experience in providing manufacturing, packaging, and technical services in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food supplements, and veterinary products.

Northfield Laboratories, Inc. is a partner to some of the biggest Philippine companies in creating, growing and leading superior value for their customers, manufacturing products of top quality for both the local market and overseas.

Northfield Laboratories, Inc. holds the following certifications from the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Licenses to Operate as a Drug Manufacturer and as a Food Manufacturer and Certificates of Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) from the Center of Drug Regulation and Research and the Center for Food Regulation and Research.

Northfield Laboratories, Inc. has a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Since 2020, Northfield has been registered with the US Food and Drug Administration, as confirmed and registered by Registrar Corp.


Distribution Solutions Phils., Inc. (DISTRIPHIL) is a leading national Health Care Solutions provider offering warehousing, transport, distribution, and marketing services to local and international healthcare companies alike.

DISTRIPHIL is under the banner of MVC corporation, whose subsidiaries are known to be the biggest providers of supply chain solutions for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies for over eighty years in the Philippines: Fast Logistics Corporation (FAST) comprised of Fast Services, Fast Distribution, and Fast Cargo.

DISTRIPHIL was incorporated July 16, 2014, and operation started January 2015. The business spans across specialties that provide business solutions for some of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines covering a wide variety of consumer, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and vaccine products.

The company has five distribution hubs located in strategic locations to serve various locations in the Philippines. All hubs & warehouses passed the stringent Multinational Company & National Company audits for cold chain products handling Vaccines.